Learn the basics of the sweet science of boxing with a combination of bag work and functional weight movement. This is a high intensity workout that will burn calories, enhance cardio fitness and build strength. Duration 45 minutes.


Put what you’ve learnt to the test in this sparring session, with a trainer supervising and providing feedback on your technique. You must have headgear, mouthguard and 16oz gloves to participate.


Leave your gloves at home for this 45 minute high intensity functional training session that will leave you gasping for breath. You’ll be amazed at the rewards in strength and conditioning that you’ll reap from attending these classes regularly. Utilising various exercises using bodyweight, and an array of equipment such as weight bars
and medicine balls to build a strong, stable physique.


30 minute high intensity workout, a dynamic boxing workout that includes all-body exercises consisting of both resistance training and cardiovascular training. Due to the short nature of the class, we encourage you arrive early to warm up and to complete a warm down and stretch after the class has finished.


Build and refine your skills in a supervised environment led only by boxing experts. The fundamentals of boxing are broken down into easy to learn methods. This class will involve pad work, bag work and multiple drills to develop your boxing technique, giving you a strong platform to build on.


Participants for Combat Youth are aged from 10 to 17 years old. This class is based on a multistation circuit that includes boxing basics, bag work and padwork. Duration 45 minutes.